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29 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Ah, February, shortest month of the year, but nevertheless, one of the most important. Contributions of Black folx should be common knowledge, but the way our society is establish, that is not the case. Since the 1970s we have used this month to bring attention to Blackness in America. In continuing that tradition, I would like to share 29 ways (come on Leap Year!) that you can celebrate Black History Month and hopefully this will carry to all other 11 months.


1. Read a book by a Black author

2. Visit an African-American/Black museum or art center

3. Learn about the works of a Black artist

4. Buy from a Black owned bookstore

5. Eat at a Black owned restaurant

6. Donate to a Black organization

7. Read a Black children's book (by a Black author) to your child

8. Attend a Black cultural event (or host one) in your community

9. Screen a Black film or host a Black film movie night

10. Start a book club featuring Black authors

11. Do a family tree

12. Learn about the African diaspora

13. Sing "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" and teach the lyrics

14. Watch a Black documentary

15. Learn about the Civil Rights Movement

16. Read the works of Black poets, like Langston Hughes

17. Donate to a Historically Black College or University (HBCU)

18. Learn about the history of a HBCU

19. Buy a cookbook on soul food (from a Black author) and make a meal

20. Listen to and subscribe to Black podcast

21. Learn about the Great Migration and read The Warmth of Other Suns

22. Volunteer at a public school or library to make a presentation on Black History

23. Wear your hair natural

24. Make a quilt and learn the history of quilts among Black folks

25. Go to a Black salon or barber

26. Learn about an African country and plan a trip there

27. If you are a teacher or parent, use these 20 Black History Activities in your classroom

28. Talk to and spend time with a Black veteran

29. Learn about Black Lives Matter


Additional Resources & Recommendations

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