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First Time Visiting Cabo? Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a beautiful seaside destination at the southern tip of the California Peninsula. This arid and mountainous escape can be reached from most east coast destinations in 5 – 7 hours and is typically a 2 – 3 hours flight from the west coast. But there are some things you should be aware of when traveling to Cabo San Lucas, because those cheap deals that you got on the flight and hotel could very quickly add up.

ATM or Currency Exchange

This is always a question when traveling, but what I have always found is that ATM is the best bet. The fees associated with currency exchange reduce the amount of money you receive back. There is generally a lower exchange rate when you select the currency exchange. You should also keep some US dollars on you while in Mexico.

Beware of Timeshare Schemes at the Airport

When you land at the San Jose del Cabo airport and after baggage claim and customs you will be ferried through doors to the arrival terminal, but before you exit the terminal you must pass through desks of local agencies. These local agents work for various tourist companies and timeshare companies; they will offer you perks like free transportation to your hotel or free excursions. Have you heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Well, believe it! These deals often come with hooks that require you to attend a timeshare presentation, which will eat up at least half of your precious vacation days. So be leery, you can say no and still get a great outing through your hotel.

Taxi or Rental Car

There are large passenger vans that serve as taxis in Cabo and they charge per person in US dollars, typically $25 each. This can add up, very quickly. If you are heading to your hotel from the airport it will generally be a different fee and you need to have cash. Throughout your trip you will need to take transportation and if you are with a group of people it could be in your best interest to rent a car. But you should also know that car rentals may seem inexpensive in the cost per day, but there are all of these hidden fees that come with your

rental, so just hedge your bets in what makes the most sense for your travel.

Not all Beaches are Swimmable

The Sea of Cortez is mighty and has strong currents and most beaches are off limits to swimmers. There are a few swimmable beaches but almost no resorts are on swimmable beaches. The exception is Pueblo Bonito Rose, which is on Playa Medano. Be sure to check with you resort if you have beach access.

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